two teachers in classroomIf you believe that substitute teachers are just warm bodies, think again. Every school district depends on an impactful group of substitute teachers it can turn to when needed.

They are often the unsung heroes of education – dynamic, versatile, unflappable, and so much more. Their contributions to public education are huge – but here are five significant reasons MCSD values our substitute teachers:

  1. Seamless Transitions: Substitute teachers know how to step in and continue student learning. This means understanding the subject matter, where the current class is at on the subject, and the different nuances associated with that specific class.
  2. Focused Educators: When no substitute is found, one or more educators or paraeducators already working that day must step away from their work to fill in. That means important work has to be set aside or completed after hours.
  3. Elevate Teacher Confidence: Teachers love what they do, and missing school is as hard on them as it is on students. Knowing they have a good substitute teacher eases their apprehension for their student’s continued progression and growth.
  4. Love for Learning: Substitutes often lead classrooms in various disciplines within the same week. But these renaissance men and women have a unique curiosity about the world and have their own training and unique life experiences in multiple subjects to enrich our classrooms.
  5. Love for Students: The most important value our substitutes bring is a love for students. Students crave that acceptance and concern, and they are responsive to educators (permanent or temporary) willing to give it to them. 

Above all else, when you love students and give them your time, you impact the world. To further underscore it, you influence future generations of educators, mentors, and parents.

Ready to Make Your Impact?

MCSD is currently accepting applications for substitute teachers. You can read more about the requirements by clicking here. However, here are a few basics that will help you get started:

  • Applicants must have a minimum of a high school diploma. College credit must be verified by transcript, diploma certificate, college transcript, or educator license if you are licensed 
  • Because you are working with youth, an FBI background check is also required
  • Must be current on vaccinations
  • Complete the I-9 form to verify your identity (verified by driver’s license, government ID, SS card, birth certificate, or passport)
  • Go here to complete our substitute teacher application
  • Next, contact Kristen Davis at (801) 264-7468 to set up an appointment to finalize everything

Upon receipt of the required personnel forms, your name will be added to our substitute calling system. Our pay scale is based on your educational background and teaching certification:

  • $120 per day – high school diploma
  • $130 per day – 60+ semester hours through a degree
  • $150 per day – licensed as a teacher
  • additional $15 per day for a long-term assignment of 11-34 days
  • additional $50 per day for a long-term assignment of 35+ days

Salt Lake Community College offers substitute teaching workshops to help you prepare. With at least one day of substitute teaching, MCSD will reimburse the $49 cost of the workshop and pay a $25 stipend for attending the training. (licensed by Utah State University) is another organization that offers a semi-monthly newsletter with information to substitutes.