Teacher and Classified Employee of the Year were announced at last night’s MCSD Board of Education meeting.

Jessica Porter

Jessica Porter, 2nd grade Grant Elementary teacher, was chosen among a pool of 10 nominees as Teacher of the Year, and she was joined by Jim Brown, assistant head custodian at Murray High School, was selected among two nominees as Classified Employee of the Year.

Jim Brown

Rock Boyer said of Jim Brown that he has been long respected for his work ethic and professionalism in the charge of his responsibilities, often working late into the evenings to ensure high school activities are properly concluded and cleaned up. Brown has been with the District for 35 years and is retiring in June.

Superintendent Jennifer Covington described Jessica as one who is a life-long learner but who empowers her students to also become one. She frequently is heard encouraging students to pursue knowledge and interests outside of those she is teaching in the classroom. Porter joined MCSD in 2008.