Here is a list of our retiring Murray City School District employees, along with the total years that they have worked in education:

Deb Ashton (34 yrs.)                       District Coordinator EOSL                             
Sherryl Cowley (34 yrs.)                HJH CTE FACS                                   
Valerie Jackson (24 yrs.)                Longview 2nd grade teacher                        
Ian MacDonald  (35 yrs.)               MHS chemistry teacher                
John McConnell (29 yrs.)               RJH science teacher                       
Tina Nilsson (24 yrs.)                      Longview 5th grade teacher         
Charisse Orton (30 yrs.)                 MHS CTE FACS                                  
Kathy Schroeder (31 yrs.)              HJH PE                                                 
Judy Anderson (28 yrs.)                 MHS administrative secretary    
Shannon Hoff (20 yrs.)                   DO secretary                                     
Joann Imlay (26 yrs.)                       RJH administrative secretary      
Martha Christensen (12 yrs.)       Transportation bus driver

2019 Retirees photo
This year’s retirees at Retirement Dinner with Superintendent Covington, far right.
(Missing from photo: Valerie Jackson, John McConnell, Shannon Hoff.)

This year’s Murray City School District retirees were honored at a dinner on May 13, 2019 where they were recognized for their enormous contributions and dedication to our students and schools.