October is National Principals Month!

Here are some Thank You messages for our wonderful MCSD principals … 

Dolph Church photographMurray High School Asst. Principal Doph Church is a behind the scenes superstar!  He spends countless hours helping students individually to overcomes obstacles on their path to graduation, and he cares deeply about them.  You won’t find him in the spotlight, but you can be confident in knowing that he wants the best for each and every student!  By Darren Dean

Liberty Elementary is lucky to have Jill Burnside as their Principal!  She makes Liberty a welcoming place for the Jill Burnside Photographstudents, parents, and her staff.  From the weekly rallies she leads, to the “Circles Program” she started this year; to climbing up on the dunk tank and dressing up for all occasions, Principal Burnside makes Liberty a place where students want to be!  You can truly see how much she cares about her students and wants them to feel safe and successful.
By Jennifer Covington

Megan Orme photographMegan Orme’s expertise and background in Special Education has given her diverse strengths in working with students in her current job as assistant principal at Hillcrest Junior High. Megan’s compassion allows her to see students with individual needs, rather than just having difficult behavior; and her experience in working with behavior issues helps her to better understand all kinds of students.

By Kelli Kercher 

Jim Bouwman and Earl Kauffman make a dynamic leadership team as principal and assistant principal at Riverview Junior High School. They work together so well, and along with the great RJH staff, do some pretty amazing things in the school!

Jim Bouwman photographMr. Bouwman is a former Utah State wrestler and Murray High School math teacher/coach. As a principal, he puts in extra time running an after-school math tutoring program for his students. This creates an opportunity for students to get additional assistance with math, and Mr. Bouwman seems to still really enjoy keeping his teaching skills active. He loves working with kids and his staff is loyal and close-knit.

Mr. Kauffman is a former BYU football player, and was also a corrections officer before Ear Kauffman photographbecoming an educator and teaching Careers Class at Murray High School. A consciences and dependable leader, he is also always doing something fun and interesting for kids through technology, and his Instagram page is popular with friends and students. Check it out at kauffmanquotes!

Thank you Mr. Bouwman and Mr. Kauffman for all you do for Riverview Junior High!  By Scott Bushnell

MHS Assistant Principal Laura deShazo took over now-Superintendent Jennifer Covington’s classroom in 2004 Laura deShazo picturewhere she taught for business classes for eight years at MHS before moving to USBE to be their Business Education Coordinator/Specialist. We feel fortunate to have her come back to the MCSD to work here again.

Laura is an amazing assistant principal and brings a level of energy, organization and forward thinking that is appreciated by staff and students. She is the force behind teachers using Surface Pros as well as a huge supporter of the one-to-one initiative.  We appreciate her “can do” attitude and her contagious laughter.  By Robin Williams

Heather Nicholas picture

For Heather Nicholas & Whitney Anderson (Horizon Elementary School):  

She is amazing! We have worked with her for many years. This year I chose this school for my children because she is so amazing. She is very kind, she is student and parent oriented. She is hands-on the job – always there for parents. She works with child care centers very closely. She does her best to accommodate students who are out of boundaries that are in desperate need of a schools we can transport to because they work nights and or graveyards. I have worked closely with her Whitney Anderson photographfor years and out of the Murray schools we deliver to she is the only one who has been so helpful and the only principal I have ever seen. This is because she is out working with parents and students at drop off and pick up! You guys found gold when you found her! The assistant principal (Whitney Anderson) is a sweetheart as well!
By Samantha Mesa, Phoenix and Falcon’s mom

For Mindy Ball (Grant Elementary School): 

Toria and I would like to give a shout out to Mindy for being amazing. She has made Grant a great place for Mindy Ball photographboth students and staff. She has such a great attitude and tries to do what she can to help everyone around her. Thank you, Mindy, for all you do, and here is to a great year!  By Angie Wilcken

Mindy Ball has done a wonderful job here at Grant.  She has made the Friday assemblies or “Friday Rally” into an enjoyable experience.  Students are recognized and honored.  Grade levels levels get to “Show What You Know”, and  the silent claps.  All these things and so much more that make us grateful that we have Mindy.  It’s nice to have a principal who comes in and offers to help when she sees help is needed.  Out of the mouth of my 4th graders, she is…”Amazing, we love Bulldog Day, and seeing her in the lunch room.”
By Ginger Shaw

For Joy Sanford (McMillan Elementary School): 

Joy SanfordI would like to tell you about Joy. Simply, she respects and supports everyone at McMillan no matter their position. She appreciates what people do and she tells them. She listens to ideas and concerns, knows the kids, knows her staff and trusts that we do our best. I know there are a million things she does behind the scenes. McMillan is a friendly, efficient, lovely place to be and that is due in no small part to her leadership.  Thanks, Corey Peterson
Joy Sanford is an amazing principal! My kids’ school experience has been changed and magnified because of her. Her patience working with my kids, other kids, who have behavior challenges is exemplary. She always looks past the behavior and sees the kids first. She provides guidance, coaching, support, and care to the entire family. She makes time to meet with parents and truly listens. She enlists teacher support in providing the best education experience for each child. I am so grateful for Joy and her leadership at McMillan Elementary!  By Machelle Lake  

We would like to celebrate Mr. Chad Sanders at Longview Elementary School.Chad Sanders Photograph

He has been a crucial part of our child’s success in his education. He has been diligent in completing all that has be required for our child’s needs. His patients and personality has been the perfect combination of authority and acceptance.

Thank you for the opportunity to express our gratitude, Damon & Ashley Johnson

For Jennifer King, Scott Wihongi and Melissa Hamilton:

  • I’ll share that Viewmont is happy to have Mrs. King. I am impressed that she cares about communication. I have received an email back stating that she has read my message, but that she’s a bit tied up and would respond a few days later and she did.  I thought that was great! I love to see her protect her teachers time and needs. I have seen her protect student privacy. I was happy she stayed for an evening PTA activity. I am so happy to have a principal who is involved and cares about all aspects of her job and school.
  • I would also like to write a bit about Mr. Wihongi. He is just what Murray High School needs. He is Scott Wihongi photographkind. He listens. He knows what we’ve been through. He cares about student learning and growth and the data proves that. I love the direction we are headed!
  • And, just for fun, please let Mrs. Hamilton know that she’s still tops at our house. Melissa Hamilton photo All principals forever forward will likely be compared to her … haha. In a leisure dinner conversation, my children rated the principals they’ve had and she continues to stay on top! 
    By Kelly Taeoalii 

I would like to thank Viewmont’s Principal Mrs. Jennifer King. 

Jenn King photographAlthough Mrs. King has not been at Viewmont very long, she has made a huge impact. She makes Viewmont a happy and safe place. For the first three weeks of school Mrs. King would be at the crosswalk greeting students with a smile and making sure everyone was safe.  She has been an influence for good with my son. School does not come easy for my son and on numerous occasions Mrs. King has taken a personal interest to ask him how his day has gone and to greet him by name and with a smile. These small acts have made a huge difference and we are so thankful for Mrs. King and all she does for Viewmont.  By Jamie Cheney 

Mrs. King is rockin’ this year as the principal of Viewmont! No one would guess she is new to our school, or new to this principal-ing biz! She is warm and kind and an awesome communicator who breaks problems/questions down into doable pieces to find a working solution. She is so ready to listen! I love that she is as concerned with the safety of our students as we all are. Thank you Mrs. King for putting up with all our “messes” literal and figurative. We sure do appreciate all you do!  By Sunshine Szedeli

I more than appreciate my principal, Buck Corser (HJH). 

He is a great administrator and people person but a few of the reasons I especially appreciate him are:

  • He is amazingly empathetic: Last school year was a horribly scary time health-wise for my husband–and by
    Buck Corser photograph
    Mr. Corser

    association, me. During the school year my husband had 4 different heart surgeries. Buck had a unique way of making sure I understood that he understood I needed to be with my husband. It was empowering to me when he firmly stated that my family came  before my school responsibilities. When I was concerned about getting substitutes he tried to calm my worries. He always remembered/remembers to ask about my husband. In a time when I was closing down inside and panicky, Buck helped keep me calm. He’ll never understand how much he did for me.

  • He is quick to laugh and doesn’t take himself too seriously: I love his sense of humor! (He’s actually pretty funny, but don’t let him know that. It might go to his head.) I love his up-beat attitude. Whether it’s faculty meeting, or announcements, or just him walking down the hall, he always makes me smile and chuckle.
  • He is always open to listening and willing to talk with us: He has a way to make us feel that his door is always open. He makes me feel that any concern of mine is worth his time and he is wanting to help me solve it. I feel he would do anything for us, especially to help us be better teachers.
    Power to the man! He’s the heart of our school!  By Diane Wiscomb
For Buck Corser (HJH): I was really impressed with the welcome that was given to the 7th graders this year. The video with Principal Corser and the student body officers was so fun and encouraging. I loved the red carpet and that Principal Corser was one of the first people the new Hillcrest Junior High students saw cheering them through the door that first morning. Such a fun school! Thank you for being a big part of Hillcrest Junior High Principal Corser.  By Marie Spencer (a mom)
For Mr. Corser (HJH): Just wanted to say that as a PTA member, I have the pleasure to be at meetings where Mr. Corser is also part of such meetings.  During, these PTSA meetings we value Mr. Corser being present since, permissions and feedback can be given without delay.  Mr. Corser has a very friendly demeanor and is very open to cooperation.  You just can’t imagine what a  positive impact this has on progress and moving the goal to help students have a positive learning experience. A well deserved THANKS to Mr. Corser.  By Fabiola Busch, PTA member
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