MCSD vision screenings will be held throughout the Fall semester in a cooperative partnership between our in-house district nurses, Friends for Sight, and each school’s PTA.

Vision screenings are mandated for students in Kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and fifth grade. However, if there are sufficient PTA volunteers all grades can be voluntarily screened. To volunteer, contact your school’s PTA president listed here.

Parents who wish to opt-out of the screening are urged to contact Shandra Echohawk, MCSD Nurse by email or phone at (801) 264-7400 ext. 5050.

Here are the dates for each school:

  • McMillan – September 14
  • Longview – September 22
  • Horizon – September 29
  • Viewmont – October 6
  • Liberty – October 19
  • Parkside – November 3
  • Grant – November 12