WELCOME to all of our new MCSD employees!

Thank you so much for choosing to come to the Murray City School District, and best wishes for a wonderful and productive upcoming year.

Marci Allred – Parkside KG
Aaron Allsop – Grant & RJH Speech/Lang.
Matty Barth – HJH Spanish
Jordan Beckstrand – MHS Instrumental
Laura Bettison – Parkside 6th
Cara Cerise – Parkside 3rd
Holly Chappell – Liberty Spec. Ed.
Paige Clark – Parkside 2nd
Brianna Hancock – Parkside 6th
Alyssa Hobbs – Horizon Spec. Ed.
Rochelle Horrocks – Parkside Spec. Ed.
Alison Jacobson – Parkside Spec. Ed.
Kevin Johnson – Horizon 4th Dual Im.
Alisa Lambertsen – Horizon Spec. Ed.
Morgan Lami – HJH English/French
Colleen Lawler – Parkside Spec. Ed.
Krystal Lee-Chin – MHS Science
Sara Lemcke – Horizon 3rd Dual Im.
Sarah Lunceford – MHS Spec. Ed.
Sierra Marsh – Grant Counselor
Jackie Martin – MHS Automotive
Katherine May – MHS Counselor
Kaylie McBeth – Liberty 3rd
Kylie McCurdy – Parkside KG
Whitney Morris – Grant Instructional
Crystal Norman – Grant 2nd
Seth Otteson – Longview 5th
Sarah Paul – Horizon 2nd Dual Im.
Jessica Pearce – HJH Theatre
Stephanie Ruiz – HJH English
Hannay Schulthess – Parkside 1st
Kalli Searle – Grant Spec. Ed.
Mikaele Shields – HJH English
Gabriel Smith – HJH Spec. Ed.
Amara Spere – Horizon 4th Dual Im.
Matthew Stroshine – HJH Counselor
Trisha Syversen – Parkside Title 1 Coord.
Kimberlee Talbot – Parkside Speech Lang.
Drew VanAmen – MHS Spec. Ed.
Laura Wally – ECEC Spec. Ed.
Maddison Wardle – Liberty 1st
Jules Watson – Parkside 6th
Kendra Wimbert – Parkside 3rd