board membersWelcome

Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

Consent Agenda

The Board approved minutes, claims, and financial report.


The board heard individual reports from Hillcrest and Riverview PTAs (Amanda Habel and Monica Giles); Murray Education Association (Christy Vuyk); Murray Association of Administrators (Emily Bird); Murray Education Foundation (Jeanne Habel)

Report of the Board

National conference takeaways and ideas to dive into more deeply during a future study session; New boys volleyball program exciting to see; Spartan House completed – beautiful new home; Attendance Committee doing great things; Legislative process was interesting; Getting community feedback on facility changes has been wonderful;

Report of the Staff

  • Sources of Strength Program Adoption – 1st Reading
  • Unpaid Leave of Absence Request
  • SHARP Survey Administration 2025
  • Construction Management Company Contract

Superintendent Report

  • Board of Education Meeting Schedule 2024-2025
  • TSSA Amendments
  • School LAND Trust Amendments
  • School LAND Trust Plans 2024-2025 – 1st Reading
  • School Improvement Student Success (TSSA) Plans 2024-2025 – 1st Reading
  • This Agenda Item Contains an Attachment

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