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Scott Wihongi, Assistant Superintendent/Department Chair | 801-264-7400 | swihongi@murrayschools.org
Kelli Kercher, Director, At-Risk Programs | 801-264-7400 | kkercher@murrayschools.org
Melissa B. Hamilton, Director, Elementary Teaching and Learning | 801-264-7400 | mhamilton@murrayschools.org
Robin Williams, Director, Secondary Teaching and Learning | 801-264-7400 | rwilliams@murrayschools.org
Megan Kunzler, Secretary, Teaching and Learning | 801-264-7437 | mkunzler@murrayschools.org

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Phone: 801-264-7400 | Fax: 801-264-7456

Credit Guidelines for Graduation from Murray High School 

MCSD Online Credit Options (Original/Recovery):

The Murray City School District offers grades 6-12 courses online through several options, including the following:

  1. State Online Education Program (SOEP) – This program enables eligible students to earn middle school and high school graduation credits through the completion of publicly funded online courses. 
  2. BYU Independent Online Canvas Courses
  3. Northridge Learning Center

For more information, contact your counselor or Ms. Margaret Horton at the high school.

Go here for an informational flyer.


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