It is with pleasure that we invite you to learn about and explore your option of nominating your student for the Murray Area Gifted Network or MAGnet Program.  Murray City School District has long had a Gifted and Talented magnet school wherein students identified as gifted have the option of receiving specialized instruction from gifted endorsed teachers at McMillan Elementary School.  Students not normally residing inside of McMillan boundaries are required to apply for out of boundary permits in the event their child qualifies for the magnet programming.  Students qualify for magnet school programming by scoring within a certain range on a cognitive aptitude test as well as taking into consideration other academic work and other evidence of academic proficiencies.

The window for nominations for gifted programming is now open and we seek your advice as you know your child the best.  If you feel your child exhibits aptitudes of giftedness, we encourage you to fill out this nomination application.  We will read them all and will inform you if your child should be recommended for testing for the gifted program.

If you require translated applications, please reach out to Angie Wright at We will send those to you in a separate email.

Otherwise, please fill out THIS FORM and send the nomination application to either email above.  Forms and applications are DUE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 17.

For more information, contact:

Melissa B. Hamilton, Director, Elementary Teaching & Learning, 801-264-7400

“Gifted students possess talent and abilities that differ from those of their peers to such a degree that differentiated opportunities must be provided to help them develop to their greatest potential. In keeping with the Murray City Schools goals to assure the development of curriculum and implementation of instructional programs that will serve the needs of all students, the Murray Board of Education is committed to the identification of gifted students, and to providing appropriate educational experiences for those students.” (Murray School District Board Policy IN306)

The Murray City School District provides the following to meet the need of high ability elementary students:
  • McMillan Elementary hosts a full-time magnet program for identified students in grades 1st-6th grades.  Transportation is provided by families.  Screening and Diagnostic testing begin in Kindergarten.
  • After school enrichment programs are offered to 4th and 6th-grade students through the Gifted and Talented programs with the introduction of Math Olympiad as an alternate after school enrichment opportunity
The Murray City School District provides the following to meet the need for high ability secondary students:
  • Students in junior high have opportunities for academic enrichment.  The curriculum is designed to be interdisciplinary while focusing on higher-level thinking skills, problem-solving, research, and independent studies.
  • A task force of counselors and teachers are involved in providing various services to gifted and talented students,  including Honors designations, expanding scholarship opportunities, advanced placement, and honors courses.

Math Olympiad will be taught once a week with a coach, in the same after school setting as Creative Pursuit and Debate. The students on the Math Olympiad team will participate in five contests throughout the year from November to March (one per month). Every student will work their own problems and all scores are combined to make a team total. Certificates are awarded to all participants, and top individual and team scores are further recognized with additional awards. Some of the goals of Math Olympiad are:

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and love for mathematics.
  • To teach major strategies for problem-solving.
  • To foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity.

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