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Important Resources for Parents

Relevant Board Policies to Prevention Efforts

These are part of the district’s official Board policies.


Mental Wellness & Resiliency Nights / Prevention Events

MCSD hosted our first Mental Wellness & Resiliency Night of the 2023-2024 school year on Monday, October 9, 2023 at Murray High School. In addition to a phenomenal conversation about anxiety and school avoidance with Jenny Howe, MCSD’s School Based Mental Health team conducted mental health screeners on students and provided resources to families around mental health and wellbeing. Thank you to Root’d Roadie for partnering with us and providing delicious food!

More Mental Wellness & Resiliency nights are coming! Keep your eyes open for additional dates in the 2023-2024 school year.


MCSD Attendance Improvement Survey

Murray City School District is engaging in a comprehensive attendance improvement initiative this year to help improve our student and staff outcomes. This initiative is in partnership with the Utah State Board of Education, as attendance has been identified as an area of concern across the state. We believe that a student’s regular attendance is essential to their academic and social progression. We know that when a student misses more than 10% of a school year they are more at risk for academic and social struggle. We also know that attendance is complex and there are many reasons a student may be missing school. The school district is dedicated to providing the correct support to students, families, and staff. We believe that we cannot adequately understand what may be needed without having student perception and voice regarding attendance.

In an effort to better understand what our students need we will be administering a survey between November 8-10.  This survey will be offered to students in grades 4-12. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes for your student(s) to complete. You can see the contents of the survey here. This survey will be anonymous so students can answer questions freely without answers being tied to them. Answers will be used to create, improve, and implement school-wide systems that are known to improve student attendance. When the survey is complete, the action plan that is created to promote attendance and address absenteeism will be shared with the MCSD community.

If you have additional questions please contact MCSD Prevention Coordinator Sierra Marsh or Attendance Specialists Brittany Roller and Adrianne Miller.

If you would like for your student to NOT take this survey please send an email to the school contact listed below by November 6, 2023.
Grant Elementary Cyndi Ralston
Horizon Elementary Susannah Holden

Chelsea Strong

Liberty Elementary Michelle Bouwman
Longview Elementary Topher Riordan
McMillian Elementary Cole Robinson
Parkside Elementary Brandi Sandoval

Alex Popham

Paige Mangan

Viewmont Elementary Heather Preece
Hillcrest Junior High Faithe Conners

Blaire Buteau

Riverview Junior High Christin Jacketta
Murray High School Jennifer Ketchoyian

Shelly Gearheart

Gary Simmons

Thank you for supporting our attendance improvement goals.
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