Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Career & Technical Education classes and programs provide pathways to employment opportunities, technical certifications and even college Associate and Bachelor degrees through several concurrent enrollment options available to students. One such example is the MHS Home Construction Class, a cooperative Murray City School District/Salt Lake Community College program. The course structure is designed for student participation during three classroom periods each day for the entire school year. A brand new house, called “Spartan House,” is built by this group every other year and sold to any interested buyer.

For more information, contact:
Scott Bushnell – Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Teaching and Learning and CTE
Murray City School District
5201 Commerce Drive, Murray, UT 84107
Phone 801-264-7400; Fax 801-264-7456
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Chantel Olsen – Murray High School CTE Coordinator
Phone 801-264-7460; MHS hours

Wasatch Front South Regional Consortium/Murray District CTE – The mission of the Wasatch Front South Regional Consortium is to work cooperatively with education and industry to efficiently and effectively provide training programs to meet the needs of students and employers within the region. See this site to find out more about options for selecting classes that match your interests in the Murray City School District.

Junior high students have an introduction to Career and Technical Education as seventh graders by taking a special consolidated course called College and Career Awareness (CCA); ninth graders have the opportunity to take Exploring Computer Science (ECS). In addition, there are many CTE courses offered to students in grades 9-12.

Murray High School offers a variety of Career and Technical Education Programs:

Accounting 1 & 2
Principles of Computer Science
Business Law
Business Management
Computer Programming 1 & 2
Exploring Computer Science
Financial Literacy
HTML APP. Development
Introduction to Real Estate
SLCC CS 1400: Computer Programming 1
SLCC CS 1410: Computer Programming 2
SLCC MGMT 1600: Management Essentials
SLCC FIN 1050: Personal Finance Financial
Web Development
Yearbook/Desktop Publishing

Adult Roles & Financial Literacy
Child Development
Early Child Education 1
Early Child Education 2/Day Care
Foods & Nutrition 1
Foreign Foods 2
Interior Design
Spartan Cove: Pro Start

Architectural Design
ASE Chassis MLR
ASE Engine MLR
Design Technology, Introduction
Intro to Automotive
Nail Technician I & II
Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3
SLCC Beginning Woods & Mill Work 1225
SLCC Engineering Drafting & Design Tech 1010
Woodworking 1
Woodworking 2, Furniture

SLCC Bio 1090: Intro to Human Bio
SLCC Biotechnology 1010
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Emergency Medical Technician
Introduction Health Science
Sports Medicine/Exercise

TV/Film Production 1
TV/Film Production
SLCC Film 1045
TV/Spartan Vision

Photo Digital 1
Photo Digital 2

Commercial Art 1
Commercial Art 2


Law Enforcement

Career Internship Program

Work-Based Learning Experience

Off-Campus Career and Technical Courses

Additional CTE Courses – There are additional Career and Technical Education courses offered at other web locations. For more information, contact Chantel Olsen, CTE Coordinator; or Brady Smith, Work-Based Learning Counselor, both at Murray High School, 801-264-7460.