MCSD Employees… Welcome to Open Enrollment for 2021-22.

Please watch the video below to learn more about benefits for employees working 30+ hours!

building blocksMurray City School District Open Enrollment Guide 2021-2022

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There are no changes to benefits for the 2021-22 SY.

Note: The District contributes to a Health Savings account for each classified and administrative plan participant. Certified employees negotiated to reduce the employee premium for the HealthSave plan by eliminating the District H.S.A contribution.

This year the district received a 3.6% compensation increase. Employees will pay for the increase in insurance premiums. The negotiations committees elected to use the available funds for salaries.  Please refer to the insurance rate schedules below.

If you continue with the same plan, do nothing and you will remain enrolled. To change your plan, complete the enrollment form below. If you do not want health coverage, complete the Waiver section of the Select Health Enrollment form below. If you are a new employee the enrolmment form is mandatory.  You must either enroll in or waive your benefits.

Additional publications/information:

With the HealthSave plan, the district will continue contributing to the classified employee’s accounts and Administrator’s accounts.

You may choose to contribute your own money to your H.S.A. as well.  The maximum contribution amounts for 2021 are:  Single $3,600 and Family $7,200 (combined with money the district contributes on your behalf. Example:  If you are single and the district contributes $1,000, you may contribute $2,600.) Those over 55 may elect to save an additional $1,000 per year.

Here’s the form: Payroll Withholding form HSA fillable

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This benefit is free of charge to all benefit-eligible employees!

The Live Well Employee Assistance plan offers access to free counseling. This includes conflict at work or with family members, depression, anxiety, and life stressors. Help is also available for caregivers, crisis management, and marriage counseling. Contact them at 801-442-3509 to schedule a confidential appointment. We’ll also be offering a series of Mental Health workshops – more information to come.

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All benefits-eligible employees are offered a group life benefit of $50,000 for the employee and $2,000 for the employee’s dependents, up to age 26.  Additionally, the district provides an LTD benefit for the employee.

Dental coverage for FY21-22 will continue through EMI Health and premiums are unchanged. The rates are listed on the insurance rate charts.

Note: Dental enrollment must be kept for the full contract year as it is a voluntary plan. Changes can only be made during Open Enrollment. Current enrollment will continue if unchanged. If you want to drop dental for FY21-22, submit this form.

Newly-hired employees are urged to mark the Life Insurance and LTD boxes on the form – even if NOT enrolling in dental coverage.

EMI Benefits forms and information:


Flex spending participants must enroll every year.

 Please Note:

  • The maximum allowed contribute for medical is $2,750 per year.
  • The maximum for day care is $5,000 per year.
  • Expenses must be reimbursed by August 31, however, balances of $500 or less in a flex account it will rollover to the new year.
  • Administration fees for flex are $24 per year without the card and $43.80 per year with the Axis debit card. If you sign up for the card please be aware that those cards will be loaded and ready for use after your 09/15/2021 payroll is complete.
  • If you are on a high-deductible plan, you can have a limited flex plan that covers dependent care and dental only.

Here are links to information and forms for our Axis Plus Benefits:


MCSD offers a payroll deduction for Opticare Vision Services Voluntary Vision Plan. Participating employees are responsible for 100% of the premiums. Opticare offers two plans.


All employees are paid twice a month on the 15th and the last business day of each month.

Pay stubs are available three days before payday.  Please check your paystubs for accuracy.  Also, if you are making changes to your W-4 or direct deposit, please do so a minimum of five (5) days before the current payroll.

For all payroll-related inquiries, contact Julie Lawrence at Ext. 5006 or Phone # 801-264-7476

If you have questions or would like to meet in person schedule an appointment with Randi at or call her at 801-264-7418.