student writingConcurrent Enrollment provides an opportunity for Murray High School students to explore college classes and earn college credit from Salt Lake Community College.

Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Teaching and Learning and CTE
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Murray High School CTE Coordinator
Chantel Olsen | 801-264-7460 |

Office Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

5102 Commerce Drive | Building #1 | Murray, Utah 84107
Phone: 801-264-7400 | Fax: 801-264-7456

Concurrent Enrollment is an opportunity to explore what it is like to be a college student:

  1. Concurrent Enrollment classes are college classes. You experience college academics first-hand; read a college textbook take college exams, write college papers, and learn how much studying is needed to pass a college class. CE classes are taught by college instructors.
  2. You gain "college knowledge." To take a CE class, you must apply for admission to a college, pay an application fee, meet college deadlines, and use the campus online registration system to enroll. Talk to a college CE adviser about choosing classes, how to pay for college, and exploring majors that meet your interests and career goals.
  3. You save money. Through the CE program, you can take college classes at a deeply discounted cost. This low-cost opportunity is possible because of funding from state government and support from colleges, school districts, and charter schools.
  4. You earn both college AND high school credit with each class.

SLCC Art 1020

SLCC Music 1010

SLCC Film 1045

SLCC Communications 1010

SLCC Communications 1020

SLCC English 1010

SLCC College Algebra 1050

SLCC College Algebra 1030

SLCC Statistics 1040

SLCC Trigonometry 1060

SLCC Bio 1010: Intro to Biology

SLCC Bio 1090: Intro to Human Biology

UVU Biotechnology 1010

SLCC CS 1400: Computer Programming 1

SLCC CS 1410 Computer Programming 2

SLCC MGMT 1600 Management Essentials

SLCC FIN 1050: Personal Finance

SLCC CMGT 1010 Residential Construction Materials & Methods

SLCC CMGT 1045 Building Construction I

SLCC CMGT 1145 Interior Finishes I

SLCC CMGT 1200 Personal Projects

SLCC CMGT 1225 Woodworking & Millwork I

SLCC EDDT 1040 Introduction to AutoCad.