The Murray City School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Darren Dean
Director of Personnel & Student Services
5102 S Commerce Drive
Murray, Utah 84107

Student Services Information links:

The following pertinent policies will all be found in their most updated versions
in the Official Board Policies section of this website:

Health Services

The Murray District nursing staff provides emergency care for those hurt or ill at school, makes home visits when necessary, consults with physicians on students’ health problems and teaches first aid courses to district personnel. Through association with community organizations, eyeglasses are purchased for many Murray students who can’t afford them. Murray area dentists also provide some dental care to students who cannot afford services.

Murray City School District strongly promotes student immunization. Vision checks for all elementary students, head checks for lice, and maturation programs for fifth graders and their parents are all part of the Health Services offered by the Murray City School District.

The following documents contain important information and specific healthcare forms that you may need for your student(s): 

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Action Plan/Medication Authorization (EAP)

Asthma Emergency Action Plan/Mediation Authorization (AAP)

Diabetes Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Diabetes Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP)
Diabetes Medication/Management Doctor’s Orders (DMMO)

Special Dietary Request for Medical Condition

IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS as recommended by the Utah Department of Health Immunization Program

Medical Concern Information Sheet
Student Medication Authorization
Student Self-Administered Medication Authorization (secondary students only)

Seizure Individualized Healthcare Plan/Emergency Care Plan (IHP) (ECP)
Seizure Medication Management Doctors Orders (SMMO)

For information regarding MCSD Health Services, contact:
Shanda EchoHawk – Nurse, elementary schools
PH 801-264-7400, ext 5050
Paulette Staley – Nurse, secondary schools
PH 801-264-7446, ext 5537
Stormy Hannay – Nurse, part-time
PH 801-264-7400, ext 5050

Safe Schools

For information regarding MCSD prevention programs, contact:
Carol Anderson– District Prevention Specialist
PH 801-264-7400 (District Offices)

The following pertinent policies will be found in their most updated versions
in the Official Board Policies section of this website:

Other information:

  • The United Way of Salt Lake 211 website
    A statewide service of United Way of Salt Lake that people may easily and quickly dial to get connected with agencies that can give them answers to problems. 2-1-1 connects people to important health, human, and community service programs including emergency food pantries, rental assistance, public health clinics, child care resources, support groups, legal aid, and a variety of nonprofit and government agencies. Individuals, families, and corporate and religious groups can also dial 2-1-1 to connect to meaningful volunteer opportunities. Calls are free and confidential. Trained Information Specialists assess situations, make appropriate referrals, and monitor the needs of our communities. Interpreters are available in 170 languages.

Proof of Residency

Murray City School District Proof of Residency Procedures
Before a student is enrolled in a Utah public school, the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must show proof of Utah residency in the school district in which the student desires to enroll. (UC.A. 53A-2-201)

To be enrolled in the Murray City School District, families must present two (2) forms of documentation  (to be copied) showing that their primary residence (the house in which they live) lies within the school boundaries. Any combination of the following documents may be used in determining residency, and they must include parent or legal guardian’s name (custodial parent or parent student lives with), and physical address:

  • Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Purchase/Escrow Agreement

Dated within the past 60 days:

  • Utility bill (power, gas, water, telephone, cable)
  • Letter from approved government agency (assisted housing, food stamps, unemployment payment)
  • Payroll stub
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Current vehicle registration or insurance
  • Valid Utah photo identification card
  • Medical billing or insurance information

Dated within the past year:

  • W-2 form
  • Property tax bill

If you are living with another family, or you cannot provide any of the documentation listed above:

  • Provide a notarized statement from the person you are living with stating that you and your child(ren) live there, the address, and for what period of time, AND
  • Documentation showing that the person you are living with resides within district and school boundaries (see acceptable documents above)

*The following do not establish residency:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Letters from friends or relatives
  • Property owned in school district boundaries
  • Mailbox in school boundaries

For more information on Murray City School District enrollment procedures,
please call the MCSD offices at 801-264-7400.