JEANETTE MARX media coordinator
Media Center Coordinator Jeanette Marx in the District Media Center, located at RJH.

Jeanette Marx, District Media Center Coordinator
Located at Riverview Jr. High School
751 W. Tripp Lane (5755 S.) | Murray, UT 84123
801-264-7406 ext 5550

2023-24 School Year Schedule:

Closed the following Mondays
October 23,2023
January 18,2024
March 25,2024

Open Tuesday-Friday
October 24-27,2023
January 19-22,2024
March 26-29, 2024

PLEASE do not ask to be allowed to use the Media Center during days or times other than those scheduled. EXCEPTIONS: The following days are EXCEPTIONS to the regular schedule. These changes are due to the district teacher workday schedule.

The MCSD District Media Center is for school district staff and certain school volunteers. It is not open for public or outside use.