buses at murray high schoolDirector of Support Services
Scott Taggart | 801-264-7400 | sntaggart@murrayschools.org

Office Manager
Jeannie DelRio | 801-264-7410 | jdelrio@murrayschools.org

Driver Coordinator
Marcia Hanson | 801-264-7498 | mhanson@murrayschools.org


Office Hours: 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

5102 Commerce Drive | Building #3 | Murray, Utah 84107
Phone: 801-264-7410 | Fax: 801-264-7456

All eligible students have been assigned to a bus. Click here to learn more about Standards for School Buses and Operations in Utah.

Bus Locations

Click here to enter your address to see if your child is eligible for MCSD transportation services.

Non-Busing Schools

Grant Elementary, Liberty Elementary, McMillan Elementary, and Viewmont Elementary School are considered "Walking Schools" and thus busing services are not available.

Special Education Busing

All Special Education bus needs should contact Kelli Kercher at 801-264-7400.

Please check your student’s busing eligibility by clicking this link and entering your address check your address. If you have any questions regarding busing, please contact the Transportation Department at 801-264-7410.