The Kennecott Nature Center provides opportunities for thousands of children from Murray City School District fourth-grade classes to enjoy observing and learning about nature through hands-on experiences and observations.

Construction of the Kennecott Nature Center was made possible through a generous initial donation from Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation, the efforts of the Murray Education Foundation, and the assistance of many community donors. The 1600 square-foot classroom of the Kennecott Nature Center is nestled on the second-largest wetland site of the Jordan River at 5044 S. Lucky Clover Lane (approximately 5100 South and 800 West) in Murray, Utah.

Program Coordinator
Catherine Singer | 801-264-7495 |

Office Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

5044 S. Lucky Clover Lane (825 West) | Murray, UT
Phone 801-264-7495

Map to the Kennecott Nature Center

The Kennecott Nature Center of Murray is not available for third-party rentals.