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The Murray City School District is the grateful recipient of a generous $12,000 donation from the Arby’s Foundation, aimed at alleviating student lunch debt as part of a national effort.

This significant contribution will erase all Murray students’ outstanding lunch debt balances as of February 8, 2024. Inflation and other economic hardships have elevated this issue in recent years, and Murray, like other school districts, is keenly aware of its significance.

Families experiencing economic hardship are strongly encouraged to apply for federal relief through free and reduced lunches. You can apply anytime throughout the school year if your financial situation changes.  The application process (found here under “Additional Resources”) is simple and can save parents and guardians hundreds of dollars each year in student lunch and breakfast costs.

With all outstanding student lunch debt now paid, we would appreciate it if parents could please actively monitor their child’s lunch account and make payments when the account goes below $0.00.  Lunch account balances can be found for your Aspire account on the right-hand side of the page.  A link is also provided in Aspire for you to add money to your child’s account.  For the current school year, Murray City School District is waiving all credit card charges related to paying for school meals.