CO detector

Recent reports of a southern Utah school, Sandy grocery store, and Draper daycare experiencing elevated levels of carbon monoxide (CO) serve as important reminders to Murray families. Families and staff should know that all 10 Murray schools are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. Historically we have not experienced unsafe levels to prompt an evacuation incident, but we remain on alert as unsafe CO levels are sometimes difficult to predict.

A variety of circumstances can trigger elevated CO levels, such as neighboring construction activity or even atmospheric changes. District administrators and facility managers monitor these and other potentially unsafe conditions and are trained to be responsive should something occur.

Carbon monoxide, often referred to as the “silent killer,” is a colorless, odorless gas that can also be emitted by malfunctioning appliances, heating systems, or vehicles. Without detection, CO poisoning can lead to serious health complications or even fatalities. As such, Murray families are encouraged to install CO detectors in their homes, and inviting their neighbors and friends to do the same.

By installing CO detectors in all school buildings, Murray City School District proactively addresses this potential hazard, providing an additional layer of protection against CO exposure. The presence of these detectors not only meets regulatory requirements but also reflects the district’s proactive stance on safety. In the event of a CO leak, these detectors trigger alarms, alerting occupants to evacuate and prompting swift action to mitigate the danger.

Parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their children are studying in facilities equipped with advanced safety measures such as CO detectors. Similarly, educators and staff members can carry out their responsibilities with confidence, knowing that their workplace is safeguarded against potential CO threats.