The Murray City School District is currently accepting applications for Substitute Teachers. The requirements and instructions are set forth below.  After reviewing this information and preparing the forms, please call Kristen Davis at (801) 264-7468 to set up an appointment to complete the process.

A requirement for working for our district is a FBI background check.  This process can be generated through a live scan at our offices while you are here filling out the paperwork.  The cost of $33.25 for the background check is payable at the time you sign up to be a substitute.

PLEASE NOTE:  One of the documents you will be asked to complete is an I-9 Employment Eligibility form. With this form, we will need two documents which establish your identity. The most commonly documents used are a driver’s license or a government issued photo ID and social security card or government issued birth certificate.  A U.S. passport is also acceptable.  Please bring these documents with you so that we may obtain a copy.

You will need to provide verification of education either through a transcript or diploma.  If you are licensed, a copy of your license will need to be provided.

Murray City School District pays by direct deposit.  We will accept either a voided check or a direct deposit form from your financial institution.  We can no longer accept just written numbers.

Pay Scale

Upon receipt of the required personnel forms, your name will be added to our substitute calling system.

Beginning 2/1/2024, the daily rate for a substitute teacher will increase as follows:

  • $130 per day – high school diploma
  • $140 per day – 60+ up to a BS/BA or higher degree
  • $150 per day – BS/BA or higher degree
  • $180 per day – Current or expired Professional teaching license
  • additional $15 per day for a long term assignment 11-34 days
  • additional $50 per day for a long term assignment 35+ days

Below are the forms which will be need to be completed at the time of hiring.  We would request that you  complete these in advance.  They are fill in forms which can be typed on and printed out.  (For Word documents, click on View and then Edit Document.)

Salt Lake Community College is now offering offering their Substitute Teacher-Fall 2023. The Murray City School District will reimburse the $49 cost of the workshop and pay a $25 stipend for attending the training.  You must work at least one day as a substitute for the Murray City School District in order to receive the reimbursement and stipend request. (licensed by Utah State University) is another organization which offers a semi-monthly newsletter with information to substitutes.  Click on this link for more information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Kristen Davis at or (801) 264-7468.