picture of calendar page

From time to time, and only as absolutely necessary, the Murray Board of Education approves small updates to the District calendar. Along with the Board meetings, families are notified of significant updates. Unfortunately, older and incorrect versions of calendars remain in circulation for various technical and non-technical reasons.

We are aware that some have relied on saved/downloaded versions or Google search results to locate calendars and information on important dates. While those results are often reliable, they are not always 100% accurate. To be safe, we recommend all families and students refer to Murray City School District’s (MCSD) official calendar page (linked here) for the most reliable and current version. 

By mentally or physically bookmarking the official calendar page, you’ll be assured you have the most accurate version available and can make plans with greater confidence. But if you still have questions or doubt any calendaring information you learn about, please contact your school administrators or teachers to confirm.

Thank you again for all you do to support MCSD, and our efforts to keep you in the know about important dates and events.