kids crossing streetSchool and community safety are our highest priority. Here are a few simple tips to talk with your students about as we enter the final weeks of school.

Most important is to keep an open communication channel with your children about these and other dangers. Further, keep school officials apprised of any concerns you have witnessed or become aware of.

Walking to and From School

  • Always walk with a friend or trusted adult;
  • Stay alert to traffic signals and surroundings when walking;
  • Use safe walk routes and avoid using alleys or shortcuts;
  • Obey all traffic signals, crossing guards, and law enforcement.

When Approached by a Stranger, Reinforce the Following with Your Child:

  • Stay at arm’s length when a stranger approaches;
  • Do not speak to strangers;
  • Shout “NO” loudly and continually if a stranger attempts to lead them away;
  • Instruct them to always tell a trusted adult what happened.

Other ways to help a child stay safe include having a family code word that only you and your child share. This way, the child can feel secure in knowing who they can talk to or take a ride from. 

If you or your student witness suspicious activity or incidents, don’t hesitate to contact Murray City Police and a school administrator immediately.