Murray City School District (MCSD) nurses are crucial in keeping kids healthy to learn, grow, and excel. Their range of services to students, including preventative care, first aid, and health education, are essential to the community. 


Here are five key ways MCSD nurses keep kids healthy:

  1. Illness and injury management: MCSD nurses provide first aid and medical care to students sick or injured during the school day. They are trained to recognize and manage different illnesses and injuries.
  2. Medication administration: Many students require medication during the school day. MCSD nurses are responsible for overseeing the administration of medications to students and ensuring that they follow the appropriate dosages and schedules. 
  3. Health screenings: MCSD nurses conduct health screenings to identify potential health issues and provide recommendations for treatment or follow-up care.
  4. Health education: MCSD nurses provide health education and serve in an advisory role to students, staff, and parents, as needed. This includes informing administrators on emerging topics and issues impacting the Murray community.
  5. Advocacy: School nurses advocate for the health and well-being of students by working with families, teachers, and healthcare providers to ensure that students receive the care and support they need.

Lastly, because Murray is a smaller district, MCSD nurses are centrally located and travel to their assigned schools to support school staff and provide nursing services to those students in need. 

If you have questions about our MCSD nurses and how they keep kids healthy, contact your school’s administration or one of our nurses at (801) 264-7400.