students presenting to board

Special Announcements

The Board honored MCSD’s Licensed Professional of the Year, Jill Hansen (Riverview); Teacher of the Year, Sara Paul (Horizon); and Education Support Professional of the Year Mary-Ann Anderson (Viewmon) Elementary; Superintendent also acknowledged appreciation to our eight retirees this year. They are: 

  1. Jacquelynn Morgan – Riverview Jr. High, 37 years
  2. Delight Page – Riverview Jr. High, 31 years
  3. Karen Peterson – Liberty Elementary, 33 years
  4. Ginger Shaw – Grant Elementary, 36 years
  5. Jennifer Simpson – Grant Elementary, 37 years
  6. Maura Thatcher – Hillcrest Jr. High, 34 years
  7. Sheri Winn, McMillan Elementary, 27 years
  8. Dianne Wiscomb, Hillcrest Jr. High, 27 years
winners of awards
Standing behind the board are: Jill Hansen, Sara Paul, and Mary-Ann Anderson.

Consent Agenda

After approving the minutes, claims, and financial report, the board approved a second reading of PS 446.2 Murray High School Citizenship Credit Requirements for Graduation – 2nd Reading and Calendar Adjustments (2) 2023-2024 School Year – 2nd Reading.


The board heard individual reports from: Grant Elementary PTA; Murray Education Association (MEA); Murray Association of Administrators (MAA); Murray Education Support Professionals Association (MESPA); Murray Education Foundation (MEF).

  • Grant PTA provided an overview of activities and events held this year
  • MEA: New leadership, acknowledged retirees, NEA participation, completed negotiations. 
  • MAA prepping for the end of the year, thanked the Board, and completed negotiations. Hillcrest administrators reported on school programs and activities.
  • MESPA shared a sampling of some specific successes with students.
  • MEF talked about the annual golf tournament on August 25.

Report of the Board

Individual board members took a few minutes each to share their thoughts on different activities and interactions they had in the last month. Director Hamilton shared perspectives on the AIM Video.

presentation to the board
Claustina Mahon-Reynolds and Sam Salinas share programs and activities at Hillcrest Jr. High.

Report of the Staff

  • Secondary School Counseling Program: Keri Alder reported on Hillcrest and Riverview student support efforts; shared Data Project metrics, including remediation efforts
  • Food Service Management Contract: Scott Taggart shared the results of the Food Service Management Contract RFP; Recommended Board accept a contract renewal with Sodexo. The board made a motion and passed it.
  • Sex Ed Committee Report: Robin Williams talked about committee representation, staff training compliance was at 100%, notifications to parents, student handouts and materials; shared curriculum approval details and stated parents are encouraged to view it ahead of a presentation to students; detailed program assurances.
  • USBE Elevate Program Contracted Services: Robin Williams shared Hillcrest was awarded this state-funded grant designed to improve school performance; She reviewed many of the benchmarks and preliminary work being done; Hillcrest was one of six schools in the state to earn this grant.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: Missy Hamilton shared with the board efforts the District is making around data privacy agreements with different software vendor contractors to ensure state compliance.
  • UTA Purchase of Property: Scott Taggart announced UTA had requested to purchase of some land adjacent to the district office to place a bus shelter; the Board approved the sale to UTA.
  • Mental Health Screener: Darren Dean requested of the Board that MCSD offer mental health screenings, per recommendations; screenings would only be for three things: anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation; the State Board of Education provides the tools to guide screenings; MCSD would offer them on ESL registration night and mental health night in 2023-24 school year; screenings must be consented of by parents. The Board approved the use of screeners next school year.
  • FY 24 Preliminary Budget Report: Richard Reese presented an overview of the proposed budget for FY 2023-24; Highlighted several legislative impacts and district highlights.

Superintendent Report

  • School LAND Trust Plans 2023-2024 – 2nd Reading: Superintendent Covington reviewed briefly; Board passed the plans.
  • Student Success Plans 2023-2024 – 2nd Reading: Superintendent Covington reviewed briefly; Board passed the plans.

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