Board and District Award Winners
LtoR Bottom: Board Members Jill Weight, Board Vice Chair Kelly Taeoalii, Board Chair Jaren Cooper, and Board Member Elizabeth Payne; LtoR Top: Morgan Lami, Robert Wood, Becky Behunin, and Board Member Kami Anderson


Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance


2024 Teacher of the Year, Licensed Employee of the Year, Education Support Professional of the Year

2024 Retirees

Consent Agenda

The Board approved minutes, claims, and financial report.


Reports from: Parkside PTA – focused on family nights this year; Murray Education Association – thanked PTAs, recognized education appreciation week, showcase event is next week, thanked board and looking forward to negotiations; Murray Education Support Professionals Association – working on orientations for next years students, evaluation system and legislative implementations, negotiations wrapped up and grateful to the Board; Murray Association of Administrators – thanked Scott Taggart for support of all the different departments, echoed thanks for negotiations and collaborative nature of Murray; Murray Education Foundation – Jeanne reminded about the golf tournament, reflected on 25 years of service.

Report of the Board

Elizabeth feels good about board decisions; Kami noted quiet-ness, acknowledged the Friends of Murray Committee launch; Kelli, thanked Jeanne Habel, retirees, and award winners, Spring sports, Joint Legislative Committee; Jill enjoys this time of year; Jaren feels like we have gone from surviving (during the pandemic) to thriving.

Report of the Staff

  • STEMgineer Elementary Program
  • Secondary School Counseling Program Comp Guidance Report
  • Murray High School Cell Phone Policy
  • Sources of Strength Program Adoption – 2nd Reading
  • Sex Ed Committee Annual Report
  • Attendance Report
  • PS 443: Intra-District, Non-Resident, and Foreign Exchange Student Enrollment – 1st Reading
  • 2024 Educator Engagement Survey Report
  • PS 403.1 Kindergarten Requirements – 1st Reading
  • Data Privacy Compliance Annual Review
  • Approval of RFP for Educator Evaluation System
  • FY 25 Preliminary Budget Report

Superintendent Report

  • TSSA Amendment – Liberty Elementary
  • SB 115: Communication to the Board – 1st Reading
  • School LAND Trust Plans 2024-2025 – 2nd Reading
  • School Improvement Student Success (TSSA) Plans 2024-2025 – 2nd Reading

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