plug and light switch

Murray City School District (MCSD) has saved an estimated $5,077,611 on its utility bills over the last 16 years, according to Riverview Jr. High Teacher Eric Names, who also serves as the District’s Energy Manager/Specialist. 

MCSD began this initiative in August 2007. Program stewardship includes conducting weekly audits of district buildings and communicating with building officials, custodians, and district administrators concerning the findings. Along with tracking monthly utility invoices, Eric also sends occasional reminders to team members regarding their energy conservation practices and ways to improve.

Click here to review the 2023 Year-End Energy Report outlining the estimated savings, along with environmental impact projections (located at the bottom of the report).

It is important to note that the savings are estimates/projections based on factors such as expected electricity, gas, and water usage vs actual usage combined with average monthly weather reports, comparison to usage from previous years, as well as ongoing intervention efforts of building audits and employees cooperating with the district’s energy conservation efforts. 

We appreciate Eric (and his predecessors) and especially our entire team for their attentiveness in helping MCSD optimize our energy use and practices that have saved taxpayers millions of dollars over the years.