The Region 19 (Murray) PTA recognized individual teachers, staff members, and volunteers at each of Murray’s 10 schools for the 2022-23 school year.

Murray PTAs are game-changing partnerships with Murray City School District,  tirelessly nurturing and championing educators, schools, and students throughout the year.  Their unifying work creates a powerful force of advocacy, support, and engagement that unlocks the full potential of every student, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

This year’s class of award recipients has lived up to that model, and we are so proud of them and their daily efforts to make Murray a better learning community. Here are the recipients:

  • Grant Elementary: Rebecca Fitts (Volunteer);  Charlie Quinonez (Teacher)
  • Horizon Elementary: Rylee Hannan (Volunteer); Amara Spere (Teacher)
  • Liberty Elementary: Alisha Chance (Volunteer); Amy Kohler (Teacher)
  • Longview Elementary:  Carolyn Forsyth (Volunteer); Melissa Mehinovic (Teacher)
  • McMillan Elementary: Kat Christenson (Volunteer); Keira Van Beekam (Teacher)
  • Parkside Elementary: Kylee Kiefer (Volunteer); Merissa Graves (Staff)
  • Viewmont Elementary: Nicole Van Nyhuis (Volunteer); Heather Preece (Teacher)
  • Hillcrest Jr. High: Jennifer Auwerda (Volunteer); Danielle Park (Teacher)
  • Riverview Jr. High: Janel Williams (Volunteer); Lindsey Parker (Teacher)
  • Murray High School: Katrina Harris (Volunteer); Erin Turner (Teacher)


Here are some videos of most of the recognitions this year.