mental health screening

Murray City School District has implemented and launched a Mental Health Screening Program for the first time this school year. This program is designed to work with educators and parents to support students who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

Utah Standards for Screenings

Utah Code 53F-2-522 sets standards for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to implement approved mental health screening programs for students. Murray’s Board of Education opted into this program, which has hopes of helping many families and students get the support they need. 

Screening is a process for evaluating the possible presence of a particular problem, specifically depression, anxiety, or suicidal ideation. Mental health screening may only happen after the students’ parents opt into a mental health screening program or event, giving active consent specific to the screening program and regardless of the student’s age. 

Not an Assessment or Diagnosis

To be clear, screenings are not classified the same as formal assessments or diagnoses. Further review with students is needed for a diagnosis to be provided. After a student participates in a screening, the family will receive the results and appropriate resources.

Screening is free for all students. School-based mental health professionals (School Social Workers and School Psychologists) will conduct these screenings at several events over this school year. These events will be an open invitation to all families in the Murray City School District. 

The first event was held in October as part of a larger event centered around anxiety and its impact on school attendance. More events are in the planning stages, but if you have questions about the Mental Health Screening Program, contact Sierra Marsh, Prevention and YIC Coordinator at 801-264-7400 or