face painted girl at pta eventMurray’s Region 19 PTA is a force for improving student academic performance. It serves as a bridge between parents, teachers, and school administrators, helping ensure everyone is working together to create a supportive learning environment for students.

Research consistently shows that students with family support who are actively involved in their education tend to do better academically. When parents are involved, they are better able to support their child’s learning at home and can leverage their teacher relationships to ensure their child’s academic needs are being met.

Another way Murray PTA improves academic performance is by promoting a positive school culture that values academic achievement. The PTA organizes events and activities that celebrate learning, and encourage and incentivize students to work hard. 

The PTA would love you to join them in making a difference for Murray students. Membership is only $5 per year and pays for programs, activities, and supports that benefit all children. You can also get involved as a PTA volunteer. For more information, go to www.murraypta.org.