network plugs

Murray City School District is looking to purchase the following network cable installation services: Quantity: 88 complete Cat 6 cable runs from the nearest data closet (MDF/IDF) to the restroom or hallway locations at our district schools.

The restroom/hall end of the cable will be terminated with a female RJ45 end. The data closet end will need to be terminated in a new patch panel. We would like all termination supplies and panels provided as part of the installation and included in the cost estimate.

Due to the sensitive nature of MDF/IDF location and camera placement please request access to maps from and authenticate your company as an organization who will keep the maps secured and also will destroy all copies after the project or bid is completed. The maps provided are superimposed over Google maps so that you can use that tool to estimate distances. Please utilize for any communications relating to this RFP. Reference the RFP number in the subject line of your message. Questions will be due on October 23rd at 5PM MDT and answered by October 25th. This cabling will be used to install vape detection sensors and IP security cameras.

Go here to read the full RFP Specifications.