gratitude in a treeMurray City School District extends heartfelt appreciation to all our parents, students, and educators. United by a shared bond and commitment to your children we are so fortunate to proclaim “we are Murray.” We declare your support invaluable, helping us thrive together through both triumphs and challenges. In the spirit of togetherness, Murray stands strong, grateful for each parent who makes a difference.

To our students, you bring life and purpose to our school community. Your journey, marked by unforgettable moments, fills us with gratitude. We are privileged to witness and partake in your pivotal experiences, cherishing every step toward graduation and adulthood.

A special acknowledgment also goes to our educators—teachers, support teams, and administrators. Your selfless acts, seen and unseen, do not go unnoticed. Serving alongside you in the noble pursuit of education is an honor and an inspiring privilege we are grateful for each day.

As we gather in gratitude this week, let’s continue to remember those that might be overlooked. Take a moment to connect with those who might be isolated and find opportunities to lend a hand of support, a quick note of encouragement, or even just a friendly smile and wave. Everyone should know they matter.

Continuing a cherished tradition, we invite families to send a Nice Note to an educator who matters to them, reinforcing the importance of teachers and school personnel. Click here to send a note (anonymous is fine). Let’s celebrate the season with gratitude and kindness.