parent and child talking The Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) survey is conducted by the Utah Department of Health & Human Services every other year. It’s given to Utah students in 6th through 12th grades, including recent adoption by Murray Board of Education. 

It’s anonymous and asks questions about physical, social and mental health; substance use; social connections; basic demographics; risky or harmful behaviors—and what protects kids from these things.  


The SHARP survey has provided insight into things affecting our kids for more than 20 years. It helps Murray parents know what to talk about with their kids. It also helps schools, teachers, parents, public health, and community leaders work together to help Utah students. Your participation helps us spot growing concerns, like increases in mental health needs or vaping, and craft effective solutions. Resources that have come out of SHARP data include: 

  • The SafeUT app – connecting teens and families to confidential crisis counselors 
  • See Through the Vape – tools that prevent teens from starting to vape 
  • Parents Empowered – tools to help parents combat underage drinking 
  • Murray Schools Programming – funding for various after school programming opportunities, additional support personnel, and more


We understand that Murray students need to feel safe. That’s why the SHARP survey is confidential and anonymous. Nothing your child reports can be linked to them or your family. Results are reported at a local level and available online. Your family’s privacy is a priority.


Your child’s participation in the survey is completely voluntary and requires your permission. Your child may stop the survey at any time or skip questions if they choose. They will not be penalized for not participating. 

The survey takes about 30-45 minutes and is given during one class period. The questions your child gets depend on the grade they are in. Sixth graders do not get the same survey as older students. 

The more Murray students who participate, the clearer the picture is. With more accurate information, you’re able to better protect your family’s health. Please consider opting IN during school registration in July – more information on how to do this will be coming.

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