student embracing teacherYesterday, our McMillan Mighty Mites PTA shared with the District Office special messages their students created this week. Each student wrote something they’re grateful for. They identified a myriad of things – food, oxygen, family, pets, teachers, life, friends, books, you name it… they’re thankful for everything!

leaves of gratitudeIndeed, such a simple message and assignment, the likes of which we completed in school when we were children. But it’s a sentiment sometimes left in the dust of our busy lives. We love it when our children express gratitude – imagine how THEY will feel when we express it back at them and all that we are thankful for. This is the perfect time of year to help reinforce that message in our homes.

To that end, the Murray City School District appreciates ALL of our parents – we share a common love for your kids, and we couldn’t do this without you. Through the good and hard days, we are grateful that Murray sticks together. You matter to us and we are grateful for you.

We are thankful for all our students. You radiate life while gifting us a purpose and hope for the future. We are thankful for the privilege to witness and participate in some of the most pivotal moments of your life that you will never forget. You matter to us and we are grateful for you.

And finally, to our educators (teachers, support team, and administrators) we acknowledge and are grateful for your countless selfless acts – some we see, some we don’t. We are honored to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the pursuit of education- among the most venerated professions. You matter to us and we are grateful for you.

As we gather this week in the name of gratitude and to usher in the holidays, let’s also pause for a moment to remember those who are often forgotten. Let’s set aside some time to connect with the isolated or lift those who are lacking. Let’s let them know they matter to us, and that we are grateful for THEM.

In keeping with tradition this time of year, we invite ALL to send a Nice Note to an educator that matters to you. This is a great way to show our kids that their teachers and other school personnel matter and that we are grateful to them. Click here if you would like to send a note (anonymous is fine).