cartoon kids lining up for drill with teacher and bullhornThe safety of our students always comes first, and this is an ideal we prepare and strive for each day. This includes preparing emergency response and preparation plans, and conducting fire and other safety drills throughout the school year.

Because all school buildings, surrounding grounds, locations, and populations differ, Murray City School District instructs and collects unique emergency response and preparation plans from each school annually.

According to R277-400: School Facility Emergency and Safety, elementary schools must hold one drill monthly, alternating between fire and alternative safety drills.

Secondary schools follow an additional State Code (15-5-202.5) that says they will conduct four drills during the school year, two for fire and two for alternative incidents. One of the main provisions is that the two fire drills are to be conducted within the first 10 school days at the beginning of the year and in the first 10 days of the next calendar year.

Here is a list of the types of alternate safety drills that principals have to choose from:

  • shelter in place;
  • earthquake;
  • lock down or lockout for violence;
  • bomb threat;
  • civil disturbance;
  • flood;
  • hazardous materials spill;
  • utility failure;
  • wind or other types of severe weather;
  • parent and student reunification;
  • shelter and mass care for natural and technological hazards; or
  • an emergency drill appropriate for the particular school location.

Each principal defines the type of safety drill, the date/time they are held, and the procedures for each drill, under the guidance of emergency response and established protocols they are trained on.

For more information, contact our Director of Support Services, Scott Taggart at (801) 264-7400.