Latino Behavioral Health Services (LBHS) and Murray City School District (MCSD) have teamed up to launch a new and unique program that addresses the emotional wellness and mental health within the Murray School District Latinx community.

The Latinx Mental Health Program offers culturally appropriate and language-specific preventative, educational, and peer-to-peer services for youth, young adults, adults, and their loved ones struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.

“With the current pandemic, the timing of this launch is particularly critical,” said Carol Anderson, MCSD prevention specialist. “Underserved Latinx populations are experiencing the same increased levels of stress and uncertainty as everyone else, yet with fewer resources available.”

The program’s range of services is comprehensive. Latinx students and their families will have access to Certified Peer Support Services that include individual, couples, and family one-to-one mentoring, support groups, classes and workshops, and a wide range of culturally responsive materials to help them through these challenging times.

The program seeks to raise awareness and empower students and their family members about emotional health, suicide prevention, and healthy self-coping management skills.

“It also features an individual, couples, and family peer-to-peer support effort,” said Nata Choi, LBHS youth program coordinator.  “That’s important because it helps them feel they are not alone.”

The initiative also features parental involvement to maintain consistency and communication to help create an on-going dialogue about their student’s wellness. School social workers and counselors are also expected to heavily leverage the program as an extension of their service offerings and to help ensure Latinx students get the help they need.

If you or your child is experiencing mental and/or emotional challenges or if you would like more information about this program, contact Nata Choi at (801) 683-9457 or, or Javier Alegre, executive director of the Latino Behavioral Health Services at (801) 618-6457 or

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