MCE Dance Information:

If your student would like to become a new MCE Dancer for the 2020-2021 school year, please send an email to Kristen Davis with the following information:

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Age
  3. Grade for 2020-2021 School Year
  4. Parent/Guardian Name
  5. Email
  6. Contact Phone Number

Your student will be placed on a waiting list and once we get all the classes compiled you will be notified of any openings.

  • Murray Community Education Dance is for dancers from 3 – 18 years old. (3 year old dancers must be potty trained) We offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop dance classes.
  • Classes are held once a week for an hour. (As your dancer advances they will have the opportunity to try out for ‘audition only’ classes. Class times and hours will vary for these classes)
  • Tuition is $85 for each class, due once in August and again in January. (For a total of $170)
  • A recital will be held in December and May. All performing classes will participate in both performances.
    • 3 year old classes do not perform in the recital
  • One costume will be purchased in August and it will be worn for both performances.
    • We try to keep the cost of the costume at under $80

If you have any questions or concerns contact Kristen Davis