Front of Grant Elementary SchoolWith Liberty, Bonnyview, and Hillcrest Elementary schools at or over their intended student capacity in 1959, the Murray Board of Education realigned boundaries and bonded for two new schools (Grant Longview Elementary Schools). Grant was able to start in the 1959-60 school year with 210 students from Liberty, 168 from Bonnyview, and 135 from Hillcrest. 

As the west side of Murray continued to grow, a new school named Viewmont Elementary was built in 1964. In the first few years, Viewmont could not handle the full population within its boundaries. So Grant kept the fifth and sixth-grade classes until Viewmont’s concentration of kids declined enough. 

From the beginning years, Grant’s PTA and Community Council volunteers provide multiple activities for their students and communities each year. This includes in-school and after-school fairs and events to promote learning, raise awareness, and unify the school community. 

Presently one of the smaller schools in the district, Grant has an approximate enrollment of 330 students. They employ award-winning teachers, support professionals, and other outstanding staff and administrators. The school’s principal is Jill Burnside, and the secretary is Laurie Martinez. You can learn more about the school and its faculty and staff at: