girls in classUnder House Bill 162 Period Products in Schools, period product dispensers containing free-of-charge period products will be installed in every elementary, middle, junior high, and high school female and unisex bathroom in Utah’s public and charter schools.

Murray City School District has been chosen to roll this out on Wednesday, May 25th, at Hillcrest Junior High School. Within the coming months, and before the start of the next school year, period product dispensers will be installed in every female and unisex bathroom in our schools. These dispensers will provide access to high-quality, dignified products for our students while maintaining each girl’s right to privacy.  

Parents are responsible for discussing the need for and proper use of period products with their children. Research shows that four out of five girls have missed class or know someone who has due to a lack of access to period products.  Providing these products will allow them to learn, play, and thrive without worry. 

Advocates of this program will be holding a press conference at Hillcrest Jr High School tomorrow morning to kick off awareness. Please see this attached document for more information regarding House Bill 162 and the Period Project.