students talking to adultMurray High School will continue building on the success of Career Days held each year in the fall by offering it again on November 9, 2023. As always, the high school would love to continue to get support from our Murray community – parents and professionals working in different fields. 

Formal presentations are great – but students will engage best with simple, informal conversations that give them a glimpse of what different careers are like and if they are interested in exploring them. Informal dialogue might include:

  • What you do on a typical day.
  • The types of professionals you work with.
  • The skills or the amount and kind of education that led you to your profession.

Coming in and answering these and other simple questions can completely change the lives of some of our students. This sampling of information impacts their decisions, builds confidence, and potentially saves them thousands of dollars and hours on career paths they ultimately might lose interest in. 

We would love to have you!

Again, Career Day will be November 9, 2023, and will run roughly from 9:00 to 11:30 am. Students will rotate in 20-minute blocks, so you will have about three groups to engage with. There will be short breaks between, along with a teacher to support you in the classroom. 

If you are interested in serving as a speaker at Career Day, contact Margaret Horton at